Clickmagick Success & Another Solo Ad Underway!

silk taffeta bridesmaid dresses I have been promoting Clickmagick since I started using it myself a few months ago. Apart from using banner ads like this one on various download pages, I have also used text ads on Giveaway Events and have also promoted this excellent track clicker software with In June, 2 people that clicked on one of my links took up the 14 day free trial offer that Clickmagick has in place. Low & behold both of those people decided to purchase a year`s subscription at the end of their 2 week trial! A good result, as each one earned me a commission of $51.45 🙂

I have set up another solo ad for Big Commission Blueprint. This one is a three parter (3 x 200 clicks). The first part has now concluded with a total of 220 clicks bringing me another 58 subscribers and 2 front-end sales! Part two will be going out this week so I hope to get similar or better results with that!

My newest traffic source: Instantbanners4me is coming along nicely. Apart from the extra clicks on my banner ads, I have 6 people signed up under me on that site, who may upgrade at a later stage, netting me a commission.

I have not been able to solve the mystery of why my ads for the nifty Clickbank analytics tool  CB Surge are no longer getting me any sign-ups, The number has been stuck on 55 for weeks now, whereas before I was getting an average of 1 sign-up every other day. Strange. If anyone reading this would like to click on my link and sign up to test it is still working, I would be most grateful 🙂