Plane Crazy……Or Maybe Not!!

Yesterday, March 29th 2016 the little island of Cyprus captivated the attention of the whole world! The last time that happened was three years ago when our banking system (and economy) went in to freefall and The Government eventually helped itself to people`s savings! I was lucky  (or unlucky) enough not to be rich enough to have my account “haircutted” – but that`s another story!

Yesterday`s excitement, as I am sure you know, was about a hijacked Egyptair flight which landed at Larnaca airport. Yes, the hijacker was called Mustafa and he claimed to be wearing a suicide belt. Add to the mix passengers and crew being held as hostages and you have the kind of story the media jump all over!

Dramatic coverage of the 6 hour seige including released passengers running from the  aircraft and the pilot abseiling from the cockpit all helped to transfix the viewers.

When the hijacker eventually surrendered to the authorities more details emerged. Mustafa was no islamic terrorist! His suicide belt was a phoney – literally; it was made from empty cell phone covers!

All he wanted was to meet with his Cypriot ex-wife and see his children that he hadn`t seen for 24 years!

Mr Mustafa is being described as mentally disturbed and that may well be true but boy did he get noticed!

It got me thinking that maybe there`s a method in his madness that can be a lesson to us all.

Now I am not suggesting for a second that you go out and hijack an aircraft to get your marketing message, idea or product in front of a huge audience – but this incident certainly highlights the benefits of thinking outside the box!

We need to be original if we want to get noticed and stand out from the crowd. So often we are told to copy or at least model someone else who is successful. I can see how that works but you have to find a way to add your own unique twist to everything you do if you want to make an impact.

Mediocrity will reward you with mediocre results. Finding a new angle or approach can get you results.

I hope Mr Mustafa at least gets to see his children. What he did was wrong but I  can`t help but feel some sympathy for his situation.



Revving Up For Daily Profits!, I am holding my head in shame as I start to write this blog post. I have been distracted and lazy and have neglected this blog. I can`t believe that more than two months have passed since I last posted here.

So here is what has distracted me and resulted in me neglecting my blog.

Firstly, I discovered what are known as rev share advertising sites. Well actually I knew about these sites but had not bothered exploring the possibility of using them. Basically, I dismissed them as being too risky.

So what is rev sharing? Simply put it means that you buy ad packs which allow you to advertise on the site but you get your money back plus interest when each adpack matures.

I decided to look again at rev sharing when I came across a guy called Ryan Hauser and his site called Mastering Ads. This site gives you free access to some of Ryan`s excellent training (he is an expert on rev sharing) plus you get to share his promotional banners and high converting capture pages. So, with Mastering Ads  you get to promote one link but this will lead to you getting referrals in several rev share sites which you have  joined. The idea is that eventually you will be earning more from the downlines than from the profit sharing itself.

The rev share sites recommended by Mastering Ads are being continuously monitored by Ryan & his team of VIP members so that only those considered solid and having a good chance of longevity are being promoted by the system. This gives you more security and confidence that you are not going to be caught in some kind of scam.

In the few months I have been involved with rev sharing I have been amazed by the speed that these accounts can grow.

I went in cautiously, putting in the minimum amount allowed in most cases, which varies from $20 to $50 dollars. To give an example, I deposited  only $50 with one site in mid December 2015 and bought 50 $1 adpacks. I kept ploughing the money back in as my packs matured and as of today I have $2,941 in active adpacks plus $550 in pending withdrawals! It is insane!

I admit that not all the sites are as fast earning as that one but even so, I am earning every day and the only work involved is clicking on the 8 or 10 ads per day you are required to view in order to participate in the profit sharing! My only regret is that I didn`t start doing this sooner!


The other thing that has been distracting me is a project which I have been putting off for a long time. I have a collection of old 35mm slide transparencies from way back, which I have been meaning to transfer to digital. I finally got the motivation to get going on this project after watching a video. I thought I would explain this whole process in a separate blog post, which will be coming soon, as long as I don`t find something else to distract me! 🙂