My Computer Was On Fire!

No, this isn`t some exaggerated claim  about working so hard on my computer that it overheated! In fact the opposite is true in that I have not been working much on my computer lately. This is fairly obvious by the time that has passed since my last blog post!
Actually, I am having a bit of an issue with poor blood circulation and I have been suffering with aching legs if I sit or stand in one position for long periods. So I have got in the habit of leaving my computer on all day and just visiting it in shorter bursts to try & get stuff done.
Anyway, there I was, sitting at my desktop computer a few weeks ago, when suddenly I heard a slight crackling noise and instantly noticed a burning smell.
I glanced down at the computer tower and was horrified to see flames leaping out of the fan grille!!
What would you do in this situation?
Scream for help?
Log in to and seek answers?
Calmly instruct Windows to shutdown the computer?
Err, no, me neither!
I just yanked the plug from the wall socket, disconnected all the various attached cables and took the
smouldering desktop outside to cool down.
After it had stopped smoking, I opened up the case to try to see what had happened.
It appeared to have been caused by my secondary hard drive which must have had some sort of
catastrophic failure leading to the power cable overheating and melting.
I was surprised to find via a Google search that this has happened to other people too.
So let this be a warning to you if you, like me, tend to leave your computer switched on unattended.
I was very lucky that I was right there and able to act immediately before the fire could spread.
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