Dust In Time To Make Paydirt!

lichtreflektor//faltreflektoren fotografie//faltreflektor 60cm//faltreflektor 5 in 1Woke up the other day to a peculiar hazy yellow sky which got steadily worse throughout the day! The normal strong sunshine and bright blue mediterranean sky were completely obscured by this fog of dust.

It was difficult to see where you were and where you were headed!

If you dared to venture out in it you would soon be coughing and spluttering and stumbling aimlessly.

Got me thinking about running an online business.
For most people starting out it`s similar to being in a sand storm.
Not knowing which direction to head in.
Not seeing the bigger picture.
Choking in the IM desert
Being constantly attacked and robbed by bands of guru bandits!
But wait!…… There is an oasis close at hand.
A place where you can see a clear path to success ahead.
Where your efforts will soon start to earn you big commission coconuts!
Even if you decide this particular watering hole is not for you, you are sure to dig up some hidden treasure in the words spoken by Dean Holland in this FREE video!


4 thoughts on “Dust In Time To Make Paydirt!

  1. Hello, Anthony
    Wow! Amazing site and a great story. You are absolutely right – finding an oasis in the IM desert is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. So glad you’ve found yours! Now go, go, go!

    To your amazing success,
    Sue recently posted…Busy Fool vs: StrategyMy Profile

    1. Hi Sue!
      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your kind remarks. Yes, finally after many false promises and dead end roads, I have found what I was searching for in Dean Holland`s iPro system. Now it is just a matter of working the proven system and I am certain that success is bound to follow.
      Take Care! 🙂
      Anthony recently posted…Dust In Time To Make Paydirt!My Profile

  2. Hi Anthony. Really enjoyed your story and the very clever subject. Many people will be able to relate to the images you create in people’s mind about desert sand storms and struggling to get started with an online business. One of thev biggest issues faced by people is the sheer over-whelm of information they are bombarded with every day and knowing which piece to trust, use and implement – the link in your post gives them this valuable “piece” of the IM jigsaw.
    Peter Beckenham recently posted…Why Do So Many Newbies Fail Online?My Profile

    1. Hi Peter!
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog post. I think I am starting to get the hang of writing more personal & effective email follow ups and blog posts. I`ve had enough of using pre-written, fill in the blanks templates. Yes, they saved time and were easy to set up but they never worked for me. I realised that you have to be yourself and use your own words & personality if you hope to build a rapport with your audience. You certainly have that knack! 🙂

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