Long Time No Post! Here`s The FREE Traffic!


Somehow the days have slipped by and I have not posted here for way too long!
I have been concentrating on advertising on FREE sites with banners and text ads. I thought it might be useful to draw up a list of the sites I have been using. Although these sites are free to join, they all offer paid upgrades and I have to admit that I have upgraded on some of them.This is not necessary and you can certainly use these sites to promote your web pages or affiliate offers without paying to upgrade.
So here is the list, in no particular order:-
1. InstantBanners4.me

2. MyTrafficsite.com

3. Trafficandsales4.me

4. 30minutelist.com

5. Allthattraffic.com

6. Expresswebtraffic.com

7. Startmytraffic.com

8. Trafficadbar.com

9. Tyadnetwork.com

10. Herculist.com

11. Topsurfer.com

12. Turboprofitlist.com

13. Cashinonbanners.com

14. Cashblurbs.com

Some of these sites will send you a lot of emails once you are signed up which you click on to view ads to get credits for your own ads. You might want to have a special email address specially for these emails, so that you don`t clog up your normal inbox.

Don`t expect huge floods of traffic from these sites. However, if you join a few of them and put some work in on a daily basis surfing to earn credits, you will  start to get visitors.


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