Attack Of The Vinda Losers!

buy discount bridesmaid dresses at theluckybridal new collectionSo yesterday I had a phone call out of the blue from a lady with a strong Indian accent claiming to be from Microsoft Tech Support. She said that my computer had been infected and that she was going to talk me through the procedure of correcting it.

I was immediately suspicious and asked her where she was calling from. She said she was in London. There was a lot of background noise and chatter, and it sounded like she was at Victoria railway station or more likely Mumbai railway station. Anyway, I played along with her game. At one point the line went dead but she immediately called me back.
I asked her to verify that she was from Microsoft. She instructed me to open a cmd command on my computer and type “assoc” and enter. That brought up a string of characters including a CLSID. She correctly quoted the CLSID  number I had on my screen and said she wouldn`t know that number if she wasn`t from Microsoft. Apparently, that CLSID is the same on all Windows computers but I can see how that would convince some people.
Next she instructed me to open another cmd command box, type “eventvwr.exe” and press enter. At this point I informed her that I don`t like being scammed and hung up! Needless to say, she did not ring back.
This is a lesson to us all about how many scam artists there are out there on and off the internet trying to steal our hard earned cash.
Every day you will come across websites that make wild promises of incredible mountains of cash that will come your way if only you buy their one click software or join their membership site. Whilst some of these shiny objects may not be out and out scams like the one being run by the Vinda Losers, most of them just do not work. They will happily take your money and leave you high and dry.
That is why you should go with something & somebody that is well established, has an excellent record of honest, ethical marketing and who really has your best interests at heart.
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That is something the Vinda Losers of this world will never understand.