DAMS Contest Over & btw Banner Ads Still Work!

64892_728x90 dams6The launch contest for The Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret has now ended. I only managed 6 Free plus shipping giveaway sign ups but that was all done with Free, or should I say unpaid ads. Remember, you always pay for advertising – either with money or with your time!

Some of the iPro partners took advantage of the funnel sharing facility of Clickfunnels, whereby Dean Holland & his team are able to automatically share any funnel pages with partners who are also Clickfunnel users. However, Clickfunnels is quite costly and I decided I wasn`t able to commit to the minimum $97 a month fee at the moment.

I instead have been promoting DAMS through my email autoresponder campaigns and by posting banners in as many places as possible.

The outright winner of the contest managed to give away around 89 of the DAMS usb`s, so I was way behind, but nevertheless, it was an interesting experience to be in such a contest for the first time.

Sometimes you hear that banner advertising doesn`t work anymore but I have to disagree. The other day, I logged onto my Clickbank account and discovered a healthy $185 commission payment from one product sale plus upsells . I traced it back to a banner ad I have on one of my sites. A few days later I had another much smaller Clickbank commission, also from a click on one of my banners.

So don`t listen to those that say banners are a waste of time! One tip I can  pass on is that banners should not be chosen to blend in with your blog theme or background – on the contrary -choose one that clashes and therefore stands out and catches the eye. Also, and this may seem obvious but, the product the banner is promoting should be as targetted as possible to the subject of the blog post or web page. For example, the big Clickbank sale I mentioned earlier was of a product which automates Giveaway contributors entries to events – and I advertised it on my Giveaway Event page! 🙂