Are You A Masochist?

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Here is another example of one of my new email messages that I have added to my subscriber follow ups 🙂

Do you like to inflict pain on yourself?
Do you like to suffer for years, stumbling around in the dark rather than taking the easy route to success?
Then you could be a masochist!
But don`t worry, there is a cure!

I was torturing myself for years, trying to find a reliable way to make money online – and failing badly!

That was until I discovered iPro and  The Big Commission Blueprint!

Now that I am using Dean Holland`s tried & tested systems, I am beginning to see results.

I realise now that I am not a masochist!

I did not enjoy failing!

I did not enjoy spending hundreds of dollars on products that didn`t live up to their promise!

Now I have teamed up with a successful millionaire marketer and I let his team of experts do the hard work.

I just pour the traffic into his sales funnel and bank the commissions….and we are talking Big Commissions!

Find out more about how the Big Conmmission Blueprint can cure your masochistic tendencies for good!

If you are fed up with struggling online just to earn those typical tiny commissions, this could be the cure you have been searching for!

The Big Commission Blueprint delivers the gain without the pain!


Why Do We Go To Restaurants?

I have recently been doing some pruning of my aweber lists. By that I mean that every so often I go through each list and unsubscribe anyone who has not opened one of my emails in the last 6 months. It is fairly frustrating to see how many people only open the first message which has a link to the freebie that they subscribed for. Suprisingly, some people don`t even open that first message!
I have started to tweak my messages, changing headlines and wording, trying to make them more eye-catching, in an attempt to improve the open rate. After all, there`s no point in crafting & sending messages if nobody even opens them.
Here is an example of a recent message I added to my follow up sequence. Any comments welcomed 🙂
Why do we go to restaurants?
Have you ever asked yourself that question?sexy evening gown
So why do we go to restaurants? I mean,  it`s cheaper to cook at home and eat in the privacy & comfort of home, right?And yet we like to get in the car, drive around looking for a restaurant and a parking space. Sometimes we even have to stand around waiting  for a table to be free!
The reason for this odd behavior?
It`s because of the appeal of the  “done for you option”!
You get to feel special, waited on by experts, served up food prepared by professionals.
And all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your meal!
It`s the same with an internet business.
You can slave away at home in front of your computer, learning about HTML, CSS, FTP,SEO, copy writing, squeeze page design, product creation, email follow ups, etc, etc  and even after years of trying to master all this techy stuff – there`s  still no guarantee that you will make any money!
You can take the sensible option…Shortcut your success by teaming up with a well respected internet millionaire who`s been there, done that and got the t-shirt!
Just plug in to his tried & tested systems and let the experts do their thing!
It`s not quite as hands off as eating in a restaurant – you will have to do some work to promote your links and send traffic to them, but you will have expert training & guidance to help you – and you can be up and running in minutes, not years!
Imagine using an established private business system for yourself and being involved in an opportunity that’s already banking up to$12,296 per DAY!