Plane Crazy……Or Maybe Not!!

Yesterday, March 29th 2016 the little island of Cyprus captivated the attention of the whole world! The last time that happened was three years ago when our banking system (and economy) went in to freefall and The Government eventually helped itself to people`s savings! I was lucky  (or unlucky) enough not to be rich enough to have my account “haircutted” – but that`s another story!

Yesterday`s excitement, as I am sure you know, was about a hijacked Egyptair flight which landed at Larnaca airport. Yes, the hijacker was called Mustafa and he claimed to be wearing a suicide belt. Add to the mix passengers and crew being held as hostages and you have the kind of story the media jump all over!

Dramatic coverage of the 6 hour seige including released passengers running from the  aircraft and the pilot abseiling from the cockpit all helped to transfix the viewers.

When the hijacker eventually surrendered to the authorities more details emerged. Mustafa was no islamic terrorist! His suicide belt was a phoney – literally; it was made from empty cell phone covers!

All he wanted was to meet with his Cypriot ex-wife and see his children that he hadn`t seen for 24 years!

Mr Mustafa is being described as mentally disturbed and that may well be true but boy did he get noticed!

It got me thinking that maybe there`s a method in his madness that can be a lesson to us all.

Now I am not suggesting for a second that you go out and hijack an aircraft to get your marketing message, idea or product in front of a huge audience – but this incident certainly highlights the benefits of thinking outside the box!

We need to be original if we want to get noticed and stand out from the crowd. So often we are told to copy or at least model someone else who is successful. I can see how that works but you have to find a way to add your own unique twist to everything you do if you want to make an impact.

Mediocrity will reward you with mediocre results. Finding a new angle or approach can get you results.

I hope Mr Mustafa at least gets to see his children. What he did was wrong but I  can`t help but feel some sympathy for his situation.



What The Heck Is D.A.M.S?

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Feeling Lost? Need A Guide To Lead You To Safer Waters?

So the other day a very rare event occurred off the coast of Cyprus. A solitary whale was sighted and you can see the video footage taken from a boat by Mr Yiorgos Evripidou. Whales are not normally seen in Cyprus waters. It is too warm for them and it is presumed that it strayed from it`s pod and got lost. Let`s hope it finds it`s way to safety, as it is certainly out of it`s comfort zone here.

Do you sometimes feel like that lost whale when you are struggling on your own to try and make an income online? I know I have sometimes felt that way.The internet is like a huge ocean and it is easy to get confused and disoriented as you search for the things that work. Not to mention all the sharks out there trying to hook you with huge promises of untold wealth at the click of a button, when in reality their intention is to bleed you dry and leave you floundering and broke!

What you need to understand is that you cannot go it alone. You need the protection & guidance of a mentor and a group of like-minded people who are going through, or have already gone through the same struggles as yourself. Only then will you get all the training and encouragement you need in order to finally see success.

I have found that mentor in Dean Holland, the CEO of iPro. Dean really cares about his clients and he has a dedicated team working with him who share his ethical approach to business.

The iPro partners are an amazing group of people who are always ready, willing & able to help you via an incredible private Facebook group, as you meet the inevitable stormy waters on your journey.

Take a look at this free video where Dean Holland talks about his Big Commission Blueprint. See if you think it would be of interest to you.

Oh and remember; unlike whales, we humans need to stray out of our comfort zones in order to progress!


A Kick In The Wallet and a Thornhill rant!


ship discount prom dresses 2016 at groupdress.comThe following is the guest blog post which I submitted to be published on John Thornhill`s blog. I talked about this in my previous post called “Overcoming Procrastination”


I have been meaning to write this blog post on procrastination to submit To John Thornhill`s blog ever since the end of March when I bought a product through his affiliate link and was given this opportunity as one of his bonuses. But guess what?…I`ve been putting it off all these months!

I regret to admit that I am one of those people that need a kick up the backside to get moving and will always find a thousand excuses to do something tomorrow (or never!) rather than today. In this particular case, the combination of a realization that my bonuses would soon expire and re-visting a video of one of John Thornhill`s epic rants were the spurs to jump start me into action!

I am actually improving… things were worse before because as I realise now, I was wallowing in complacency. You see, I had my own small business (a driving school) and also work in a hotel, here on the beautiful mediterranean island of Cyprus. Although not exactly rich, my combined incomes were enough for me and my wife to live on.

I had been dabbling in internet marketing for a few years but not really taking it very seriously. Like most newbies, I have purchased a lot of products, filling up several hard drives in the process, but have rarely completed or mastered any of the courses that seemed so promising at the time I was clicking the buy button!

In 2013, the bottom fell out of our world! Suddenly, to our horror, we discovered that the Cypriot economy was collapsing. My bank, after years of throwing credit at me, suddenly froze my credit card and told me I had to pay them back what I owed them! Yikes! Worse was to come. After 15 years of having two jobs, I was told by the authorities that I could not renew my driving instructors licence because I earned more from my hotel job than my driving school. They were suddenly implementing a law dating from 1968, which had previously been ignored!

To cut a long story short, I have now had to close my driving school and that was the kick in the wallet that has motivated me to take the internet stuff more seriously. I have started a blog, after buying the domain name 5 or 6 years ago but never using it (no surprises there!) and have decided to partner with a marketer whose progress I have been following for a number of years. Dean Holland is one of the most well respected internet marketers around and I am very pleased to now be involved in his iPro membership program. Dean has an excellent team around him and the support & encouragement provided by them and the other partners through weekly webinars and a lively Facebook group is outstanding. It`s early days yet, but I have already made some sales and there are many success stories amongst the more established partners.

If you are interested in learning more about Dean Holland & how you might benefit from his vast online experience, I suggest you watch this free video where he explains his flagship product, The Big Commission Blueprint. Hopefully, watching that video will be able to motivate you, even if you too are a chronic procrastinator!


Unfortunately, John Thornhill felt unable to publish my above post with the promotion of BCB, as he is promoting Dean`s product in other ways and felt it would be in conflict. So what I did is edit it slightly, removing all mention of BCB & Dean Holland and just leaving a link to this blog. I am happy with that, as any extra traffic to my blog is welcome and there are plenty of opportunities once here, for a reader to click through to BCB 🙂

John has just informed me that the post is live and can be found here.

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