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Success Starts Here Freeway Style Desert Landscape My latest solo ad was for 200 clicks. I ended up with 225 clicks and got 87 new subscribers. But the most exciting result was that I got two front-end sales of Big Commission Blueprint! The commission from those sales recovered nearly half the cost of the solo ad, so I am happy. More importantly, I now have 87 more people in the sales funnel 🙂

A couple of months ago I came across a handy FREE Firefox browser extension called CB Surge. What is it? Well, it`s a tool that gives you some great analytics when you log in to your clickbank account. This allows you to make better judgements on which Clickbank products are worth promoting. When you sign up for a FREE copy of CB Surge you will be offered a paid upgraded version. I took this upgrade because it means that when others use your link to get their copy of CB Surge they will be tagged to you. So, if at any time they make a purchase from Clickbank, you get credited with a sale and earn commission!

It`s pretty easy to get people to download CB Surge because it`s FREE! So far I have 43 people signed up through my link, 2 of whom took the upgrade, which meant commission for me 🙂 Also, I have had one Clickbank sale of a product I have never promoted, so I`m pretty certain that sale was to one of my 43 CB Surge sign-ups.